What Technology Can’t Do

It had been a long drive from the airport to our home, literally and figuratively.

Yesterday, our vacation days went to an end.

We are all sad to have to come to that day… and too lazy to go back to work.

My man have been telling me how he will be alone at our place in Manila and I’ve been telling him I will miss our morning routine so much.

But I guess none of us took the hard blow of this than Ms A. She had been very vocal how she doesn’t want him to go.

Ms A and her dad are really close. They love each other so dearly, enjoys their play time and bedtime shenanigans. Ms A has a way of warming up our hearts when she sleeps with us. She’ll pull you close, draw her face next to yours and will just tell you “I love you, Papa” or “I love you, Mama.”. Really sweet.

On our way back, after dropping him at the airport, she told me “I am sad.” and cried so bad that it made me tear up too.

She again repeated saying that but that afternoon, to Siri. I left her at the dining table where she had food and her tablet. She was also tinkering her box of loom bands. I was just listening to her from our bedroom, when she said “Siri, I am sad.”

Maybe it’s how she said her words and her accent or how Siri’s algorithm is, Siri didn’t get it. Ms A tried several times and Siri tried as hard. Until Siri surrendered and just said, “This maybe beyond my abilities right now.”

You know what, Siri is right. Even with the advancement of the age of technology right now, there is one thing that it can not ever replace – the presence of our loved ones.

Nothing is as priceless as the time we share with our loved ones.

I hope this reminds you to cherish all the moments you have with your loved ones.


Love always,

Momma Teng


Ms A is coping really well. Went to school without a fuss.