What Mellie Said…

When I didn’t know what to do with my life yet, I found myself watching too much TV series.

During this time, I spent endless hours following TV series, searching for new and completed series I thought worthy to invest my time into. I even followed stars in social media and the official series pages.

How crazy is that?

One of my favorites was Scandal. It’s popular, crazy, violent and out of this world. My kind of story.

I was surprised to find one in my newsfeed from them. It had been three years since the last episode I watched, I didn’t bother clicking on it but it auto-played and caught my attention.

It was Mellie speaking. You can watch it here so you can get what I am talking about.

I can relate to what she said. It’s brilliant!

If you are looking to build an empire, to succeed (however you define this), or to reach a goal, you will find yourself hurting.

The process will be tough, because it’s worth it. The only way you know you’re growing and that you’re doing it right is when it hurts.

Just like when you’re exercising. Growing your muscles or getting more flexible will hurt.

There’s no other way.

The business world is cut throat. People are not always nice. And only those who have grit, only those who can shake it off, will make it.

Suck it up and be the boss.

Suck it up and keep going.

Suck it up and you’ll get there.

You can’t let these things thrown at you bring you down and derail your way to success.

Be strong. The road to success is steep.


Let’s build an empire,