Our Story

This is a chronicle¬†of our family’s adventure raising a child with special needs.

The challenges are big, but we have bigger hearts to conquer it. There are a lot of things our little miss would like to do in her life; she currently likes biking, discovering new places, and she’s at the peak of her curiosity so we want to give our support and do the best that we can to help her reach her full potential.

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But before we became a family of three, I was a single mom for a long time.

We lost my husband, my daughter biological father, from illness. Even when my parents and sisters helped me through these years, it was still difficult to make all the decisions without someone to trust all of my emotions.

I was just blessed to have an incredible support system amidst all the difficulties in life and got through everything in one piece.

Moving forward to today, we are blessed to have this life that we live now with a man who loves my daughter like his own.