Don’t Go Obsolete

Everything is changing all the time.

How quickly you adapt to change is a strong factor in determining success (however you want to define it).

How do you make yourself adaptable to change then?

Know your market.

Determine what your market holds for the future. Know what the market demands for and it’s future needs.

Develop skills.

Develop several skills that won’t go obsolete in the future, those that not even computers can replace.

Be open.

Don’t resist. When you resist change (good change, non harming), you limit growth.

Aim for growth not profit.

Limiting your service and product only for profit is limiting your growth. The real KPI is how much growth you have now compared to the past.

Keep a record of the past.

Learning your lessons from the decisions you’ve made in the past, is a good way to make sure that you’re making the best decisions that is being demanded.

To thrive in the ever demanding world economy, don’t go obsolete.