What is Cerebral Palsy?

So what is cerebral palsy?

I’ve been asked so many times what it is about and I find it so hard to make them understand… there was even a time that one clerk in a mall asked my cousin, “is that cancer?”. I don’t blame them, there wasn’t so many information about this and it’s not their fault. I am doing my best to make people aware what cerebral palsy is all about and that even if a person has it, they have the same right to live and function in a society in whatever capacity they can…

Today I want to share with you these helpful videos about this and I know that whoever may read this will understand what it is all about. Furthermore, they will understand my daughter’s situation.

So hereĀ is the video…

Here’s a very good explanation about cerebral pasly in an infographic


Most of the data I get is either from the US or Australia. I have yet to extend my research and get raw data on intervention, and statistics and even real-life stories from the Philippines. It’s actually a little frustrating not to find information that can be helpful in my research and in spreading awareness but I guess that’s a job left for us – parents and advocates.

So now that you are more knowledgeable about cerebral palsy, please pass the information so others will be more aware and might help parents who have children with disability.


Momma Teng