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I Am Not Lucky

“You’re lucky…” I know I’m not the only person who’ve heard these two words from other people. While grateful for every good thing I have right now, I still can’t wrap my head around the concept of “luck” and asked myself, did I just get lucky? I ask because, I hear this over and over […]

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Manners First

I hope that mainstream schools will include manners, character building and life skills as part of training of schools. Before they learn to read, write and do maths, which the society deem to be more important, I hope we take a closer look at how good manners, strong character and life skills can bring our […]

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I Want You to be Aware…

Until I had a child with Cerebral Palsy (CP), I didn’t know what exactly it was and that there were several types. Some can walk independently, or with aid, and some move around with a wheelchair. Some have spasticity in their upper and or lower limbs, too. Some have intellectual challenges and some became doctors, […]

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Don’t Go Obsolete

Everything is changing all the time. How quickly you adapt to change is a strong factor in determining success (however you want to define it). How do you make yourself adaptable to change then? Know your market. Determine what your market holds for the future. Know what the market demands for and it’s future needs. Develop skills. […]

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Just do it

Starting a routine is easy. Keeping the routine going is not. How do you keep motivated and focused to do what’s good for you? I haven’t got a clue. For now, what I know is to actually  just do it. Just like the famous sports apparel brand said, “just do it“. Just do it without […]

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What Technology Can’t Do

It had been a long drive from the airport to our home, literally and figuratively. Yesterday, our vacation days went to an end. We are all sad to have to come to that day… and too lazy to go back to work. My man have been telling me how he will be alone at our […]

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How to Get PWD ID

3 Steps to Get a PWD ID

If you don’t know yet, kids with special needs are entitled to up to 20% discount on commodity, medicines and even hospital services. I first came to know about PWD ID when Aianah attended SPED. They would facilitate the application of this for every student who is enrolled in the SPED program. That is very […]

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What is Cerebral Palsy

What is Cerebral Palsy?

I’ve been asked so many times what it is about and I find it so hard to make them understand… but I found these helpful videos about this and I know that whoever may read this will understand what it is all about. Furthermore, they will understand my daughter’s situation.

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Protected: Let me tell you a story

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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