3 Steps to Get a PWD ID

If you don’t know yet, kids with special needs are entitled to up to 20% discount on commodity, medicines and even hospital services.

I first came to know about PWD ID when Aianah attended SPED. They would facilitate the application of this for every student who is enrolled in the SPED program.

That is very helpful, especially to those parents who doesn’t know about yet. Having SPED file for this is also helpful because you get to save time going to the CSWDO’s office yourself.

How to Get PWD ID

Anyway, let me get to the point straight and here’s how you can file for a PWD ID:

Step 1: Secure a copy of your child’s medical certificate

When I applied, I was asked to submit a medial abstract duly signed by a licensed private or public hospital based physician. We got our medical abstract from her Developmental Pediatrician in Davao. But I think, if your pedia can give you a medical abstract stating your child’s condition could also be good.

What I know is that the condition has to be permanent. Like Autism, Down Syndrom and Cerebral Palsy to be entitled for a PWD ID.

Step 2: Go to CSWDO and fill up the form they provide you for application

In General Santos City, the CSWDO office is in front of the Oval Plaza. You can go to the receptionist and ask for direction. The office you have to go is the old office, which is at the back of the pink building. When you get there, tell the lady in-charge that you need the form for PWD ID application.

Don’t worry about queues, there are not that many people in line for this (at least not when I went there which is at 11am).

Step 3: When done filling up, attach 1 copy of ID picture of your child

Yes, you would need 2 ID pictures to complete your application. One will be attached in the form and the other one will be used for the booklet.

Now, the booklet is what you need to list down all the purchases you will make in the grocery or the pharmacy.

Congratulations! You’ve completed your application and you will get the ID in a month or two.

That’s too long, I think.

Let me assume that you are attending PTs and OTs in a hospital and it would be nice to get this ID as soon as possible to save up. There’s actually a way to rush this up.

When I first applied for this, I filed it myself because I needed it ASAP. We have to go to Davao for Aianah’s MRI and a 20% discount would actually be really helpful. The MRI costs Php 20,000 and I just can’t afford that.

Luckily, the CSWDO is very considerate to rush the release of the ID for special cases. It only took the ID to be released 2 weeks instead of normal 1 month.

For even clearer instructions about the application for PWD ID, visit the National Commission on Disability Affairs.

In other cities there might be a different procedure, so please let me know how it differs in your city in the comment section below.



Momma Teng