Today, I want you to remind yourself that you take your work seriously. It matters. The results and the changes you want to achieve are real and a lot will benefit. But on the other side of the coin, I want you be easy on yourself. Don’t take your work personally. It’s just work. Although […]

I Want You to be Aware…

Until I had a child with Cerebral Palsy (CP), I didn’t know what exactly it is and that there are several types. There are some who can walk independently, walk with aid, and some move with a wheelchair. Some have spasticity in their upper and or lower limbs, too. Some have intellectual challenges and some […]

What Mellie Said…

When I didn’t know what to do with my life yet, I found myself watching too much TV series. During this time, I spent endless hours following TV series, searching for new and completed series I thought worthy to invest my time into. I even followed stars in social media and the official series pages. […]

Mind the customer and after sales service

One piece of thought for those who are thinking of establishing a start up – mind the customer and after sales service. The key to thriving in the industry is continuously giving your customers a positive association. Your product doesn’t really matter as much as how it makes your customers feel. Even if the quality […]

Swirling Vortex of Entropy

“Swirling vortex of entropy” is a line said by Jim Parson’s character in the show Dr. Sheldon Cooper after seeing the chaos in Penny’s apartment. He felt the need of organizing the place and sneaked in that night to do so. Not sure if you’ve ever heard of that TV show but it’s kind of popular. Followed […]

Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. Salute to all the men and women who tirelessly fight for equality amongst gender. Cheers! jenny

Does it all goes down to science now?

Question for you: what is your intention in helping others? I ask because it seems like that everything has to be proven scientifically beneficial to oneself to encourage people to help out. There is nothing wrong in marketing helping others that way. But it seems off. Do we really need to feel good about doing something […]

Don’t Go Obsolete

Everything is changing all the time. How quickly you adapt to change is a strong factor in determining success (however you want to define it). How do you make yourself adaptable to change then? Know your market. Determine what your market holds for the future. Know what the market demands for and it’s future needs. Develop skills. […]

Keep It Together

Keep it together, a voice in my head whispered as I tried to start the car this morning. Keep it together… when my third attempt to get it to run failed. Keep it together… when I remembered that cars will soon cost more. Keep it together… when the food went stale on my plate because […]


I always use this word to describe how it feels like when I feel overwhelmed. Stressful. Exhausting. Consumes too much energy. NOT GOOD. It’s like doing urgent things over the important ones, which leaves me feeling unfulfilled. For example, at work, I have to attend to customer complaints instead of training for a new skill […]